net-eval - Simple distributed computing.

net-eval allows you to evaluate expressions in parallel on remote network nodes. net-eval handles all the work necessary to communicate to other nodes, distribute expressions for evaluation and collect results.

1 Souce

Project is hosted at github, grab it here.

2 Installation

On the machine which you want to distribute work from, add the src/ folder to your classpath, on the remote nodes, you need to have a REPL server running, if you build the project with lein resulting Jar will fire up a REPL server.

3 Usage

In order to evaluate expressions remotely you need to define a task,

(deftask atask []
  (+ 1 2))

You can call and test tasks just like functions, when you are ready to distribute the work call net-eval,

(net-eval [["" 9999 #'atask]
           ["" 9999 #'atask]
           ["" 9999 #'atask]
           ["" 9999 #'atask]])

net-eval takes a sequence of vectors, containing host port and task to send and returns a sequence future objects, each corresponding to a result from a remote node. For tasks that takes arguments you can append any number of arguments after the task,

(deftask atask [a]
  (range a))

(net-eval [["" 9999 #'atask 5]
           ["" 9999 #'atask 5]
           ["" 9999 #'atask 5]
           ["" 9999 #'atask 5]])

4 License

Beerware Revision 42