Compiling Java apps that use MRJ on a non-Apple computer

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I use multiple OS's for development mostly OS X and Linux. If you create an application that plays well with OS X. It will work on Linux , Mac or Windows but you can't compile it under a non Apple machine because it uses non standard apple libraries ( which are not available under Linux or Windows. To overcome this problem we can use the Java Reflections API. Following these tips Java & OS X Integration you can stick all your Mac specific code under a single class and you can load it using reflections api. when you do that compiler will not complain about missing libraries since you are not accessing any Mac specific classes until runtime, as long as you are not trying to compile that Mac specific classes.

    Class klass = Class.forName("macOs.MacApplication");

    Class[] paramTypes = {
        String.class };
    Constructor cons = klass.getConstructor(paramTypes);

    Object[] args = {
        "this" };

    Object theObject = cons.newInstance(args);

}catch( Exception e ) {