Java Taskbar Icon on Windows 7

I was testing an application, on Windows 7 which had a 25x25 png image to be used as the taskbar icon. Windows 7's new taskbar uses much bigger icons so my 25x25 png turned in to big blur. There is a solution however, Java 1.6 introduces a new function called, setIconImages.

public void setIconImages(List<? extends Image> icons)

Build a list of images of different sizes, set it with setIconImages, instead of setIconImage, and Windows will pick the right size depending on the context (e.g. window decoration, window list, taskbar, etc.).

In my case I needed compatibility with Java 1.5, so I ended up calling setIconImage via reflection and if an exception is raised I fall back to old setIconImage function.

    Class[] types = {java.util.List.class};
    java.lang.reflect.Method method = 

    Object[] params = {images};

}catch( Exception e ) {