Motor Control via Ardumoto Using Arduino and Clodiuno

Here is another post that is partly for documentation and partly for safekeeping. Following snippet which I ripped from another robot we have been working on, demonstrates how to control the Ardumoto motor driver shield using Clodiuno.

Control for motor attached to OUT 1-2 is connected to digital line 12 (direction) and digital line 10 (PWM). Control for motor attached to OUT 3-4 is connected to digital line 13 (direction) and digital line 11 (PWM).

(ns ardumoto.core
  (:use [clojure.contrib.swing-utils :only [add-action-listener]])
  (:use clodiuno.core)
  (:use clodiuno.firmata)
  (:import (javax.swing JFrame JPanel JButton)
           (net.miginfocom.swing MigLayout)))

(def pwm-pin-motor-a 10)
(def pwm-pin-motor-b 11)
(def dir-pin-motor-a 12)
(def dir-pin-motor-b 13)

(def speed 200)

(defn board []
  (arduino :firmata "/dev/tty.usbserial-A6008nhh"))

(defn init-pins [board]
  (pin-mode board pwm-pin-motor-a PWM)
  (pin-mode board pwm-pin-motor-b PWM)
  (pin-mode board dir-pin-motor-a OUTPUT)
  (pin-mode board dir-pin-motor-b OUTPUT))

(defn motor [board m p]
  (let [motor-pin (if (= m :a) pwm-pin-motor-a pwm-pin-motor-b)
        dir-pin   (if (= m :a) dir-pin-motor-a dir-pin-motor-b)
        pwm   (if (< p 0) (* -1 p) p)
        dir   (if (< p 0) LOW HIGH)]
    (analog-write board motor-pin pwm)
    (digital-write board dir-pin dir)))

(defn listener [press-f release-f]
  (proxy [java.awt.event.MouseListener] [] 
    (mousePressed [e] (press-f))
    (mouseReleased [e] (release-f))
    (mouseClicked [e])
    (mouseEntered [e])
    (mouseExited [e])))

(defn panel []
  (let [arduino (ref nil)
        panel (JPanel. (MigLayout.))
        left (JButton. "Left")
        right (JButton. "Right")
        forward (JButton. "Forward")
        backward (JButton. "Backward")
        connect  (JButton. "Connect")
        init  (JButton. "Init")
        set-speed #(do (motor @arduino :a %1) (motor @arduino :b %2))
        stop #(do (motor @arduino :a 0) (motor @arduino :b 0))]

    (add-action-listener connect (fn[_] (dosync (ref-set arduino (board)))))
    (add-action-listener init (fn[_] (init-pins @arduino)))

    (.addMouseListener left (listener #(set-speed (* -1 speed) speed) stop))
    (.addMouseListener right (listener #(set-speed speed (* -1 speed)) stop))
    (.addMouseListener forward (listener #(set-speed speed speed) stop))
     backward (listener #(set-speed (* -1 speed) (* -1 speed)) stop))

    (doto panel
      (.add forward "cell 3 1")
      (.add backward "cell 3 3")
      (.add left "cell 2 2")
      (.add right "cell 4 2")
      (.add connect "cell 2 4")
      (.add init "cell 4 4"))))

(defn frame []
  (let [panel (panel)]
    (doto (JFrame.)
      (.add panel)
      (.setVisible true))))