So Long, Compojure, and Thanks for All the Fish

This blog started its life as a Muse Wiki so I can track bits and pieces of information for reference. After picking up Clojure I decided to port it to Compojure for fun, that resulted in too many loop/recurs in earlier commits. I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the code for sometime now, that coupled with my refusal to use a database for storing posts because I wanted fast access to the files so I can quickly copy paste stuff was causing performance problems. Getting a list of posts containing the tag clojure meant reading and parsing all the posts since there is no index to search for, memoization kind of solved this problem by keeping every post in memory but it still was a bad solution.

Finally I decided to scrap everything start from scratch since the site is static, I decided to drop Compojure and just create static content. That left me with two options either to choose between one of many static site builders and manually edit couple hundred posts/pages to a format that they can understand or write couple hundred LOC to create a yet another static site builder, I choose the latter and created static, a simple static site generator written in Clojure.

The idea is the same as any other static site generator, you place your posts and pages written in markdown in certain folders and it will handle the rest (creating archives/tags pages, RSS feed etc.), the only difference being templates are written using hiccup which IMHO beats anything else out there. You can checkout the README of the project or the repository for this site to get an idea of how it works.

P.S: My apologies for messing up your RSS readers, I had a unit test to check the content of the feed but not the order, that coupled with me forgetting to reverse the post list caused the feed to show first ten posts made instead of last ten.