Clodiuno/Processing ADXL335 Accelerometer

Another one of my spend sometime doing it and didn't want to throw away the code posts, nothing fancy just processing the accelerometer data, the accelerometer in question is a ADXL335, you can plug it by connecting the VCC connector into the Arduino 3V pin (not the 5V pin.), the ground into ground and the x, y, and z pins into 0,1,2 analog pins.

The idea here is to use the accelerometer to sense orientation of the Arduino and rotate a 3D object on screen accordingly. Most of the code is straightforward the only thing that you need to know is that you can't directly map accelerometer reading to an angle, the reason being even if you set the thing on the table it will jiggle wildly, to combat that we need a filter to smooth out the values, this snippet uses the recursive moving average filter (basically it's like saying, "Well, I've got a new point, but I don't really trust it, so I'm going to keep 80% of my old estimate of the measurement, and only trust this new data point 20%"). It does get rid of the jiggling behaviour but introduces latency.

(ns acc.core
  (:use [clodiuno core wishield])
  (:use [incanter core processing]))

(defn in-thread [f] (doto (Thread. f) (.start)))
(defmacro forever [& body] `(try (while true  [email protected]) (catch Exception e#)))
(defn map-range [x in-min in-max out-min out-max]
  (+ (/ (* (- x in-min) (- out-max out-min)) (- in-max in-min)) out-min))

(let [k 0.99
      xf (ref 0)
      yf (ref 0)] 

  (defn moving-filter [x f]
    (+ (* k f) (* (- 1.0 k) x)))

  (defn read-val [board axis]
    (let [val (if (= axis :x) 
                (map-range (analog-read board 0) 275 415 -1.5 1.5)
                (map-range (analog-read board 1) 275 415 1.5 -1.5))]
      (if (= axis :x)  
        (dosync (ref-set xf (moving-filter val @xf)))
        (dosync (ref-set yf (moving-filter val @yf)))))))

(defn wishield []
  (let [board (arduino :wishield "" 1000)
        x-val (ref 0)
        y-val (ref 0)]
       (dosync (ref-set x-val (read-val board :x))
               (ref-set y-val (read-val board :y)))
       (Thread/sleep 10)))
    [board x-val y-val]))

(defn frame [board]
  (let [[board x-val y-val] board]
     (setup []
            (doto this
              (size 640 480 processing.core.PConstants/P3D)
              (framerate 24)
     (draw []
           (doto this
             (.background 50)
             (.translate 320 240 0)
             (.rotateZ @y-val)
             (.rotateX @x-val)
             (.box 100 20 400))))))
(def shield (wishield))
(view (frame shield) :size [640 480])
(close (first shield))