Starcraft BWAPI Clojure

Following has been sitting on my desktop for a while, I started playing with it but after that never had time to continue. It cost me couple of hours to figure stuff out so I didn't want to throw it away.

It won't do anything other than keep pumping scvs and command them to collect minerals.

(ns star-craft.core
  (:refer-clojure :exclude [+ - * =])
  (:use (clojure.contrib.generic [arithmetic :only [+ - *]]
                                 [comparison :only [=]]))
  (:use [vector-2d.core])
  (:import (eisbot.proxy JNIBWAPI BWAPIEventListener)
           (eisbot.proxy.types UnitType UnitType$UnitTypes)
           (eisbot.proxy.model Unit)))

(declare bw-api)

(defn minerals []
  (-> bw-api .getSelf .getMinerals))

(defn mineral-seq []
  (filter #(= (.getTypeID %)
              (.ordinal UnitType$UnitTypes/Resource_Mineral_Field))
          (.. bw-api getNeutralUnits)))

(defn create-scv []
  (.train bw-api (.getID
                    #(= (.getTypeID %)
                        (.ordinal UnitType$UnitTypes/Terran_Command_Center))
                    (.. bw-api getMyUnits))))
          (.ordinal UnitType$UnitTypes/Terran_SCV)))

(defn scv-seq []
  (filter #(= (.getTypeID %) (.ordinal UnitType$UnitTypes/Terran_SCV))
          (.. bw-api getMyUnits)))

(defn distance [a b]
  (dist (vector-2d (.getX a) (.getY a)) (vector-2d (.getX b) (.getY b))))

(defn idle? [u]
  (.isIdle u))

(defn training? [u]
  (.isTraining u))

(defn send-unit [unit target]
  (.rightClick bw-api (.getID unit) (.getID target)))

(defn keep-scvs-busy []
  (let [idle-scvs (filter idle? (scv-seq))]
    (doseq [scv idle-scvs]
      (let [closest-mineral (first (sort-by #(distance scv %) (mineral-seq)))]
        (send-unit scv closest-mineral)))))

(defn need-scv? []
  (and (< (count (scv-seq)) 20)
       (>= (minerals) 50)))

(defn build-scv []

(defn take-turn []
  (when (need-scv?)

(defn event-listener []
  (proxy [BWAPIEventListener] []
    (connected [] (.loadTypeData bw-api))
    (gameStarted [] (println "[+] Game Started"))
    (gameUpdate [] (try (take-turn)
                        (catch Exception e
                          (println "[+] Error Game Update: " e))))))

(def bw-api (JNIBWAPI. (event-listener)))

(defn -main []
  (future (.start bw-api)))