Robocup 2012

Blog has been silent for a while, I've been sleeping in the lab for the past couple of months trying to get theses little guys working in time for Robocup 2012.

NEUIslanders Robocup 2012 Mexico City

RoboCup is an international robotics competition founded in 1997. There are three main branches under the name of RoboCup, these are "Robot Soccer World Cup", "Search and Rescue", and "Robot Dancing". The main goal of this organization is to build fully autonomous robots to play against FIFA 2050 World Cup winner and win the game.

This project started two years ago with us thinking how hard can it be. Turns out it was hard, took us two years to qualify for the event. Despite countless electrical problems, (electronics was/is our weakest spot) we managed to play two out of four games.

Unfortunately we were too busy trying to keep the robots working on the field, non of us though of recording any game play footage.

For those of you who think talk is cheap, here is our literate code. Its written in Clojure except for the firmware which is in C.