inbox-feed - RSS/Atom to Email

inbox-feed is a tool for delivering news from RSS feeds to your email program. It is an attempt to add some features that are missing from other RSS to email applications.


Following is the sample configuration, by default configuration file is ./config.clj but you change its name and location using command line options.

[:smtp-creds {:to "[email protected]"}

 ;; :smtp-creds {:to "[email protected]"
 ;;              :host ""
 ;;              :user "[email protected]"
 ;;              :pass "super_secret_pass"
 ;;              :ssl :yes}

 ;; :imap-creds ["imaps" "" "[email protected]" "super_secret_pass"]

 :feed-list [["" 15 "3cdbbd1e-5559-45d5-8dd6-d60408301580"]
             ["" 15 "780e3966-547c-40a7-855b-23161ceee8d3"]
             ;; when using IMAP
             ;; ["" 15 ["feeds" "hackernews"]]

Above setup will inject mails to local sendmail process alternatively you can use an SMTP server or you can provide IMAP credentials then message will be placed in folder/s. feed-list is a list of vectors at the very least it should contain a list of feed URLs rest is optional. Having the following structure,

[url freq id name]
  • url - URL of the feed.
  • freq - Optional. How often we should check the URL (Defaults to 60 mins)
  • id - Optional string that will be appended to the email in white which allows you to create filters looking for that text or a vector of folder names defining a folder hierarchy entries should be placed in when using IMAP. ex. ["Feeds" "Feed"] will place the entries into the Feed folder under Feeds folder.
  • name - Optional name that will override the name for the feed.


You can grab the latest version from the repo.

For bug reports/fixes/help, see contact.

Any feature requests are also welcome see contact.


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