Mocha: ARPWatch / Log Watcher for Mac OS X and Linux

Mocha is a tool that monitors your network activity and keeps a record of Ip / Mac address pairings and firewall logs. It will give a warning when it notices any suspicious activity, like any changes in Mac address or any connection attempt to the firewall.

Installation & Usage

For Mac OS X

Download the dmg image move it to your applications folder and you are set. For firewall log watch you need to enable firewall logging under

System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall 
       -> Advanced -> Enable Firewall Logging

For Linux

Download the jar file. Either double click it or issue "java -jar mocha.jar" In order for Firewall log watch to work you need to enable firewall logging and log packages with "IPTABLES: " prefix. Using a rule similar to the following…

/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -j LOG --log-prefix "IPTABLES: " \\
      -m limit --limit \$LOGLIMIT --limit-burst \$LOGLIMITBURST

Gentoo users can compile Mocha from source using,

# sudo layman -a betagarden
# sudo emerge -av net-misc/mocha


Mocha is written in java, so as long as you have JVM and arp command it will work on all operating systems. Tailing system logs is only supported on OS X and Linux, it has been tested on Mac OS X 10.5 running Java 1.5 and Ubuntu running Java 1.6.

Building from source

Included in the source package is an ant script, in order to build it from source use target app in OS X which will build and create an application bundle, and target linux on linux which will just build it in order to create a jar file use target jar after target linux.

# ant linux 
# ant jar
# cd build && java -jar mocha.jar


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For bug reports/fixes/help, see contact.

Any feature requests are also welcome see contact.