Vision - OpenCV wrapper for Clojure

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Vision is a OpenCV wrapper for Clojure.


There are no pre build packages available. For now you have to build it your self. Only dependency is the OpenCV library.


cmake .

in the resources/lib directory to create your platform specific build file then build the shared library, for Linux/OS X run,


Windows build instructions (without using cygwin) courtesy of Dusan Miloradovic,

  • Make sure OPENCV\DIR points to the installation on fhe OPENCV. If cmake-gui was used for building the OpenCV, it stores the information in the registry, so that needs not to be set.
  • Edit the CMakeLists.txt:
    • Set the link directories to point to the location of OPENCV dlls: for example:LINK\DIRECTORIES( c:/opencv\out/bin/ )
    • Replace the library names with the full dll names: replace opencv\core with opencv\core231.dll , etc..
  • Run cmake-gui, and choose the vision\install\dir/resources/lib as "Where is the source code", and pick arbitrary build folder.
  • Choose mingw32 from the list of the compiler options
  • Run Configure, and Generate
  • go to the build folder , and type mingw32-make

On the Clojure side you need to start the JVM with the jna.library.path pointing to the location of the shared library, for a leiningen project it can be done by the following,

(defproject awesome-project "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
  :dependencies [[vision  "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"]]
  :jvm-opts ["-Djna.library.path=/path/to/vision/resources/lib"])


resources/examples/ folder contains examples to give a feel for the API, I also have the following hacks using Vision,


Project is hosted at github, grab it here.


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