Using Java Mail API from Clojure

Java API does not provide a way to send mail or interface with POP/IMAP servers, but Sun does provide a framework to build mail and messaging applications.

You can get the JavaMail jars from Clojars,

[javax.mail/mail "1.4.3"]

Following is a simple function that allows you to send mail from Clojure. I use this snippet to send email through GMail, I have not tested it anywhere else, but it should work.

(defn mail [& m]
  (let [mail (apply hash-map m)
        props (java.util.Properties.)]

    (doto props
      (.put "" (:host mail))
      (.put "mail.smtp.port" (:port mail))
      (.put "mail.smtp.user" (:user mail))
      (.put "mail.smtp.socketFactory.port"  (:port mail))
      (.put "mail.smtp.auth" "true"))

    (if (= (:ssl mail) true)
      (doto props
        (.put "mail.smtp.starttls.enable" "true")
        (.put "mail.smtp.socketFactory.class" 
        (.put "mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback" "false")))

    (let [authenticator (proxy [javax.mail.Authenticator] [] 
                             (:user mail) (:password mail))))
          recipients (reduce #(str % "," %2) (:to mail))
          session (javax.mail.Session/getInstance props authenticator)
          msg     (javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage. session)]

      (.setFrom msg (javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress. (:user mail)))

      (.setRecipients msg 
                      (javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress/parse recipients))

      (.setSubject msg (:subject mail))
      (.setText msg (:text mail))
      (javax.mail.Transport/send msg))))
(mail :user "[email protected]"
      :password "pass"
      :host ""
      :port 465
      :ssl true
      :to ["[email protected]" ]
      :subject "I Have Rebooted." 
      :text "I Have Rebooted.")