Injecting Current Git Commit ID Into Java

Following is a quick hack to inject the last commits id into the application, this ant task will create a file called "commit-id" in your build directory which will contain the last commits id,

   <target name="commit-id" depends="">
     <exec executable = "git" output="${build.dir}/commit-id">
       <arg value = "rev-parse" />
       <arg value = "HEAD" />

Now from any where in your application we can read the commit id and log it or display it,

       InputStream s = some.class.getResourceAsStream("/commit-id");
       BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(s));"Build from commit " + in.readLine());
   }catch( Exception e ) { 

Another alternative is to have a properties file that your application reads and use the "replace" task to replace a variable with the commits id.