org-mode in Your Pocket - Setting Up MobileOrg

MobileOrg is an iPhone application that lets you view, modify org files on the go. Its a great application but documentation is scarce and a bit confusing. This post documents the steps required to configure org-mode so it can sync with MobileOrg.

By default org-mode looks into the "~/org/" folder for your org files if you keep them somewhere else set org-directory variable to point to it,

(setq org-directory "~/Documents/org/")
(setq org-mobile-inbox-for-pull "~/Documents/org/")

MobileOrg uses WebDav to synchronize your files, if you mount your WebDav as a disk, you need to set org-mobile-directory to point to it, alternatively you can use org-mobile push/pull hooks and use scp instead.

(setq org-mobile-directory "/Volumes/")

By default no files are staged to WebDav, you need to set org-mobile-files to the list of files you want to have access on the iPhone,

(setq org-mobile-files (quote ("")))

When you sync your org files org-mobile will add a property drawer to your files, if you want to get rid of it you can use,

(setq org-mobile-force-id-on-agenda-items nil)

but beware that if you have file structure such as,

 * Task
 ** SubTask
 * Task
 ** SubTask

and you edit one of the subtasks org-mobile will have no way to determine which one to edit, other than that you will be safe. As for agendas only your custom agenda views are synchronized, I also suggest you use org-agenda-show-all-dates and set it to nil, so it filters empty days, it makes viewing agendas easier.

 (setq org-agenda-custom-commands
       '(("w" todo "TODO")
         ("h" agenda "" ((org-agenda-show-all-dates nil)))
         ("W" agenda "" ((org-agenda-ndays 21)
                         (org-agenda-show-all-dates nil)))
         ("A" agenda ""
          ((org-agenda-ndays 1)
           (org-agenda-overriding-header "Today")))))