Clodiuno - Clojure API for Arduino

Clodiuno is a library that allows you to control Arduino using Clojure allowing Clojure developers to interface with real world using Arduino hardware.

Currently Clodiuno supports two interfaces, you can either use the USB connection via Firmata or you can connect to your Arduino using WiFi via WiShield.

1 Installation

Clodiuno is also available via Clojars,

[clodiuno "0.0.4-SNAPSHOT"]

2 For Firmata Interface

You need to upload Firmata sketch to your Arduino,

File -> Examples -> Firmata -> StandartFirmata

3 For WiShield Interface

Make sure WiShield library is configured to compile and run SocketApp sketch, once configured you can upload the wishield sketch located in the resources folder.

4 Usage

resources/examples/ folder contains examples to give a feel for the API, I also have the following hacks using Clodiuno,

5 Source

Project is hosted at github, grab it here.

6 License

Beerware Revision 42